The City of the dead Treblinka Journey to Portugal Alentejo, Alentejo Sérgio Tréfaut FAUX PORTUGUÊS
«Sérgio Tréfaut has an exceptional ability to see other cultures; to observe them and show them in such a way that anyone watching his films has a near personal experience of the worlds he visits... The material of which the lenses of his camera objectives are made is a remarkable cosmopolitan humanism. It is a privilege to be able to watch this kind of cinema.»
Manuel Mira Godinho
Full Professor at ISEG/UTL (Economics and Management Institute, Technical University of Lisbon)

Eurico de Barros,Daily newspaper

«A cemetery teeming with life. Where the living sleep with the dead. And eat, and date, and have children, and grow up and watch television.»
Ana Margarida Carvalho, weekly Magazine

«Something approaching a sort of fantasist neo-realism: that scene where the circus arrives at the cemetery could have come straight out of Fellini’s "La Strada”»
Vasco Câmara, Ípsilon ( Culture sction of the Público, newspaper)