by SÉRGIO TRÉFAUT | 1999, 70’, documentary | prod. SP FILMES | distribution FAUX

The Portuguese Revolution (1974-75) seen through the eyes of some of the most important photographers and filmmakers that witnessed the event. Their dreams and expectations and what came out of the revolution. With outstanding historical footage.


With: Sebastião Salgado, Glauber, Rocha, Robert Kramer, Thomas Harlan, Pea Holmquist, Guy Le Querrec, Dominique Issermann

Script and directing: Sergio Tréfaut

Photography:  João Ribeiro, Rui Poças, Jon Jost 

Sound: António Pedro Figueiredo, Joaquim Pinto

Editing: José Nacimento, Pedro Duarte 

Production: SP Filmes

Co-production: RTP

Outro País


- Best Portuguese Documentary 1999
- Golden Gate Award San Francisco Film Festival


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